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Q. Hello, I was wondering if there are any needed requirements for buyers before they can start buying on the website. Do I need to create an account?

A. Hi! thank you so much for sending us a message and your question. Yes, My Hitch Bag requires customers to create their own account in order to buy anything they want from our store. This is to give you better and easier access to our shop and to let you buy from our place without too much struggle. By creating an account, it is also possible to retrieve your information immediately anytime you buy and not to repeatedly ask you for your info whenever you decide to purchase from our site.

Q. Is your shop open internationally? I hope it is so that I can buy from your website too! I really like your items.
A. Hello! Thank you so much for sending us your message and your question. Yes, My Hitch Bag is open internationally and is always available for everyone worldwide. We do shipping and delivery even on different places so make sure to check our store anytime you want. We appreciate your interest in buying from our store!

Q. Do you have other stores in different places other than in Michigan?
A. Hi, thank you for sending us a question. Yes, My Hitch Bag does have other branches in different cities as well. If you want to check them out and know the exact area of our store, go to the location tab and you will know there where you can find us.

Q. Do you have shipping fees?
A. Hi! Thank you for your message. Yes, My Hitch Bag does have shipping fees that may vary depending on the location of the buyer. However, do make sure to check out our holiday offers because we always provide our items without any shipping fees during many holidays of the year.