Troubleshooting Garage Door Issues

A well-functioning garage door is a valuable investment for your home. It will not only enhance the value of your property but can also add some security features. Unfortunately, it might stop functioning due to some hidden reasons. There are plenty of factors that possibly go wrong with your garage door. That is why it is very important to learn about how to troubleshoot these problems easily. Click on the link to take a closer look at the different tips and tricks for troubleshooting the garage door.

  • Check whether the garage door operates itself: check the master switch of garage door to determine whether it is working or not. If it operates with the help of a master switch, it means, that there is a problem with sensor, remote, or antenna. If it does not work, it means, there may be some issues with electric systems or moving parts.

  • Check the cord: it is one of those elements that can make you go crazy. Discovering the unplugged cord will be a hectic task that makes you feel crazy. But it will save your upcoming issues in the long run.
  • Inspect the motor: the garage door motor is an important thing. To determine, what is going wrong with the motor, check if the motor has gone hot. In case, it is, let it cool for about 20 to 25 minutes. After the cooling process, plug it again and test the working of the garage door again.
  • Examine the garage door sensor: The garage door sensor is another aspect that may be overlooking. If the garage door sensor misaligned, damages, or obstructed, it can make your remote useless. In case, the garage door sensor is properly aligned, and then you have to clean the dust particles and cobwebs on the sensor that were blocking the eye of the sensor.

  • Check the batteries of remote: there is a possibility that the remote is creating a problem instead of the door itself. Check if the garage door remote low batteries, then replace them. You should also check the buttons of the remote.
  • Check the moving parts: it is a possibility that the garage door is not working due to the damaged moving parts like, rollers, gears, and sprockets. Lubricate them to make functional. In the case of serious damages, you have to replace them.

Before deciding on garage door repair, it is beneficial to try some troubleshooting tests to check what is wrong. You can use these techniques easily by yourself. It is strongly advised that you get the help of an expert to take advance services and to get your garage door back.





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